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Peter Wyburd is a pioneer in the design of gardens, swimming pools and outside structures in Australia and has been actively engaged in the field since the early 1970s. He is widely traveled and has designed gardens in Europe as well as here in Australia, where his work extends from Queensland to Tasmania. He was the first garden designer from Australia to exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show - in 1982 - and prior to that contributed to some of the first books on landscaping in this country. He has been a fellow/member of the Royal Horticultural Society in London for more than 30 years


RainRes Pty Limited are the licenced designers of a patented(pending) system of water storage associated with the construction of new swimming pools of any shape, or size. This system will for example allow for up to 40000 litres of rainwater from the roof of a house to be stored within the structure of a standard 10m x 5m pool. The storage facility is quite separate from the water in the pool itself and avoids the necessity for finding a place for ugly space consuming tanks to be found somewhere in the garden. Unlike other buried water tanks, the RainRes System takes up no more space than the pool itself and is built by your Pool Builder with engineering drawings provided by RainResą engineers.


Intex Design Pty Limited is principally a garden construction company with 35 years experience in the landscape industry, but also undertakes minor house alterations from time to time. Intex will take projects through to their completion and to make life easier for their Clients will help with the management of all other contractors at any level, for no charge. They are fully licenced and insured.

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